Tasty treats for your beloved pooch
Our philosophy at Lincoln's Lunchbox is really important to us and we thought it would be to our loyal customers too.
We bake handmade, plant based treats that are tasty, wholesome, enjoyable and healthy for your beloved companion dogs and here's why. Our treats are high quality, human grade and harness the benefits of herbs & spices, that will treat and benefit the health & well being of your lovely companions, as they deserve. By choosing this method, we can bake and create without causing suffering or harm to any other creature in the process. In other words, no one gets hurt and no one suffers. Promoting compassion, not cruelty, we choose a vegan diet and lifestyle for the animals, for health and the environment. Eating plant based foods instead of animal based, is health promoting, humane and environmentally sustainable. We highly recommend this way of living to all our customers, canine & human.

We strive to source wholesome raw ingredients, that are organic wherever available & maintain a stringent quality assurance manufacturing process.