Tasty treats for your beloved pooch

Plant Based Recipes for Dogs - Feed Your Dog for Health & Longevity


How cool is this? A plant based recipe book entirely for dogs!!! 

We have so very many customers that ask our advice about dietary requirements for dogs, we've decided to make available to all our customers, this gem of a book, by author & colleague Heather Coster. Many people are learning more about the risks & cruelty of consuming animal products in their diet, including feeding them to their canine companions. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not only able to survive on a plant based dietary intake, but thrive! (Mr Lincoln is one such dog)

While lots of people would love to provide & cater more plant based recipes for their dogs, they're often dissuaded by not knowing 'how'. This little book provides over 60 simple recipes & shows you exactly 'how' to provide a nutritionally balanced meal intake for your best buds, home-made recipes & much more. You can even share meals together! How awesome is that?! It even has recipes for some lovely dog treats, although if you have no time to bake cookie treats for your dog/s, we've taken the sting out of that for you (you're welcome) & even Heather endorses Lincoln's Lunchbox cookies. Here's to your dogs health & longevity!